In recognition of excellent performance of early stage researchers in terms of scientific poster presentations related to the  symposium themes, the ISCRAES 2024 will select three winners for Best Young Scientist Poster (BYSP)/Flash Talk Award. This is to inspire them through acknowledging their extraordinary work, bring Master, PhD and Post-Doctorate together and create opportunity for collegial interaction with other young researchers and established senior experts across the globe.

The BYSP/F Award has been sponsored by (open for sponsorship)


  • S/he must be a Young Scientist (e.g. Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees and junior faculty).
  • S/he must be below the age of 35 years and/or in an early stage of their research career (up to 5 years) and the first author.
  • S/he must prepare the poster as per guidelines and present the same at the prescheduled time.
  • S/he must submit a written interest at least two weeks before the start of the symposium at