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Opening Session

Parallel Sessions

Arable Cropping Systems

Chair: Prof. Astrid Wingler, University College Cork, Ireland.

Oral presentations


Poster Session

  • Anna Walkiewicz: Methane uptake in fertilized soils – effect of NH4NO3 at different soil O2 levels (AP1)
  • Aldo Dal Prà, Maria Teresa Pacchioli, Alessandra Imm-ovilli, Paolo Mantovi, et al: The use of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) in the prediction of soil carbon stock in Northern Italy cropping systems (AP2)
  • Xavier Morvan, Belkacem Boumaraf, Victor Kavvadias, Mohamed Moussa, et al: ISFERALDA project: Using organic amendments based on date palm residues to enhance soil fertility in oases agroecosystems (AP3)
  • Chronis Kolovos, George Zagklis, Gerasimos Tsitselis, Stamatis Kavasilis, et al: A modern way for delineate soil mapping units using latest geospatial technologies. (AP4)


Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Systems

Chair: Dr. Lutz Merbold, Agroscope, Switzerland.
Keynote address
Prof. Maria R. Mosquera-Losada, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain: Agroforestry – European extent, policy and climate change.

  • Rachel Irwin: Increasing tree cover on Irish dairy and drystock farms: the main barriers and perceptions that impede agroforestry uptake
  • Tanvir Shahzad and Zubda Zahid: Comparing ameliorative role of corncob residue & its biochar on soil quality under drought conditions
  • Francisca Meneses, Nicole Montenegro and Jorge Perez-Quezada: Changes in agricultural practices in southern Chile and their effect on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Stamatis Kavasilis, Maria Doula, Antonios Zorpas and Leonidas Cambanis: Composting of animal mortalities – A sustainable solution for the agro-silvo-pastoral systems
  • Julien Carlier, Marie Doyle, John A. Finn, Eoin Gill, Daire O Huallachain, et al: Developing a National Monitoring Programme for High Nature Value Farmland and Forest areas in Ireland.
  • Gerardo Moreno, Alejandro Carrascosa and Victor Rolo: Investigating below ground growth of forests on high pH soils and marl sites: Emerging trends in adaptive management of Mediterranean tree-grass livestock systems: monitoring pasture… and soil carbon sequestration
  • Jill Pitcher Farrell, Nicholas E. Wragg, Blair Ruffing, Saoirse Tracy, Charles Harper, et al: Investigating below ground growth of forests on high pH soils and marl sites
  • Victor Rolo, Alejandro Carrascosa and Gerardo Moreno:Impact of ecological intensification of Mediterranean wood-pastures on carbon fluxes and functional diversity.
  • Donagh Hennessy, Laurence Shalloo and Imke DeBoer: The environmental consequences of addressing feed-food competition from Ireland’s livestock sectors
  • Rachael Murphy, Gary Lanigan, Matthew Saunders and Nicholas Cowan: Carbon monoxide fluxes from an intensively managed grassland using eddy covariance.
  • Mokhele Moeletsi and Mphethe Tongwane:Crop-livestock-bioenergy system for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in a rural smallholder farming setting in South Africa

Poster Session

  • Pasquale Arca: Incidence of silvopastoral paddocks on the environmental performances of Sardinian dairy sheep systems (SP9)
  • Ghanashyam Sharma, Mahindra Luitel, Kalzang Nyima and Durga P Sharma: Reviving drying water sources through aquifer-centric approaches based on geolithological and geohydrological study in the E. Himalayas (SP10)
  • Bruce Osborne, Ibrahim Khalil, Katja Klumpp, Bart Kruijt, Pia Gottschalk, et al: The ReLive Project (SP11) 


Novel Farming Systems

Chair: Dr. Sanna Sevanto, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA
Keynote address

Dr. Pete Iannetta James Hutton Institute, UK-NI: Novel farming systems and value-chains: Home-grown legumes as a multifunctional solution for wicked problems.

  • Ghanashyam Sharma: Evidence of critical climate stress moments and climate-resilient practices along the Teesta River Basin of the Himalayas
  • Kelsey R. Carter, L. Turin Dickman, Abigael C. Nachtsheim, et al: Drought legacy on microbiomes influences maize traits
  • Frances Sandison, Jagadeesh Yeluripati and Derek Stewart: Does vertical farming offer a sustainable alternative to traditional crop production?
  • Jagadeesh Yeluripati, Pete Smith, David Camerond, Elizabeth Cowdery, et al: Towards agricultural soil carbon monitoring, reporting and verification through real-time carbon and GHG predictions for net zero
  • Antonis V. Papadopoulos, Stavros Kosmidis, Stamatis Kavasilis et al: Monitoring agricultural land biodiversity with multispectral aerial imagery.
  • John McGinley, Mark Healy, Jenny Harmon O’Driscoll, Paraic Ryan, et al: An assessment of potential pesticide transmission, considering the combined impact of soil texture and pesticide properties: A meta-analysis
  • Jane Shackleton, Jean Kennedy, Cornelia Grace, Gaspard Beaucarne, et al: Grazing multispecies swards: The annual and seasonal dry matter production of four sward types under co-grazing of cattle and sheep.
  • Gaspard Beaucarne, Jane Shackleton, Jean Kennedy, Cornelia Grace, et al: Multispecies swards improve the growth performance of lambs co-grazed with heifers
  • Vanessa Álvarez-López, Katarina Lorentzon, Serina Ahlgren, Andras Baky et al: Life Cycle Assessment of novel grass-based products
  • Jizhong Meng, Ruoke Li, Lin Shi, Shun Wang and Xinmin Zhan (Flash): Feasibility analysis of electrodialysis technology for nutrient recovery as fertiliser from digestate in Ireland
  • Sanna Sevanto, Kelsey R. Carter, Eric R. Moore, Abigael C. Nachtsheim, et al: Can plant-microbiome interactions be harnessed to support food security and carbon sequestration?

Poster Session

  • Y. A. Mohamed, Alma Siggins, Mark Healy, Owen Fenton, et al: A Novel Hybrid Coagulation-Intermittent Sand Filter for the Treatment of Dairy Soiled Water (NP16)
  • Ajay Kumar Mishra, Sheetal Sharma and Abdul Mateen: Evaluation of Regenerative Farming Practices for Enhancing Crop Productivity and Reducing Environmental Footprint (NP17)
  • Paola Quatrini, Valentina Catania, Simona Castaldi, Eleonora Grilli, et al: Patterns of soil microbial biomass and diversity across Mediterranean agroecosystems in areas under desertification risk (NP18)


Grassland Systems

Chair: Dr. Narasinha Shurpali, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland.
Keynote address
Prof. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, KIT, Germany & Aarhus University, Denmark. Nitrogen cycling, hotspots and the mitigation of environmental losses in tropical savanna systems

Oral presentations

  • Anaïs Piccot, Giovanni Argenti, Gianni Bellocchi, Pascaline Brien, Edoardo Cremonese, et al: Adaptation policies and measures to cope with climate change in Alpine mountain farming
  • Lena Barczyk, Kate Kuntu-Blankson, Pierluigi Calanca, Johan Six and Christof Ammann: N2O emissions from grazed pasture – Effect of urine patch characteristics and environmental drivers
  • Rob O’Hara, Jesko Zimmermann, Mohana Priya Logakrishnan and Stuart Green: Production of a national Irish paddock map for enclosed intensive grasslands.
  • Francesc Domingo Olivé and Elena González Llinàs: Optimizing grass production with dairy manure from precision animal feeding
  • Marine Valmier, Matthew Saunders and Gary Lanigan: Warmer autumn temperatures triple carbon losses from an Irish grassland on drained organic soil
  • Daniel Henn, James Humphreys, Colm Duffy, Rémi Prudhomme, James Gibbons and David Styles: Climate implications of dairy expansion and beef co-production displacing suckler beef production in Ireland. 
  • Pierpaolo Duce, Antonello Franca, Pasquale Arca, Giovanni Molle, Alberto S. Atzori, et al: Climate change mitigation strategies for the small ruminant sector. Insights from the SheepToShip LIFE project.
  • Patrick Quille, Aisling Claffey, Ewan Feeney, Joanna Kacprzyk, Carl Ng and Shane O’Connell: The effect of an engineered biostimulant derived from Ascophyllum nodosum on grass yield under a reduced nitrogen regime.
  • Owen Cashman, Marion Sorley, Imelda Casey and James Humphreys: Lowering greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from pasture based dairy production.
  • Lutz Merbold, Charlotte Decock, Werner Eugster, Kathrin Fuchs, Benjamin Wolf, et al: Are there memory effects on greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, N2O and CH4) following grassland restoration?
  • Hem Raj Bhattarai, Petra Manninen, Saara Lind, Perttu Virkajärvi, Hanna Ruhanen, et al: The role of red clover-a forage legume, in mitigating nitrous oxide emissions from a perennial grassland.
  • Narasinha Shurpali, Hem Raj Bhattarai, Daniel Forster, Petra Manninen, Saara Lind, et al: Sustainability of boreal, mixed crop and livestock farming under changing climatic conditions

Poster Session

  • Paul Leahy, Astrid Wingler and Kieran Hickey: Increased severity and frequency of fodder production deficits under future climate conditions in Ireland (GP5)
  • Omotola Odetayo, Cornelia Grace, Jean Kennedy, Ron De Goede and Ellis Hoffland: Availability of soil inorganic nitrogen under different grassland swards and nitrogen fertilizer treatment (GP6)
  • Ian Byrne, Patrick Tuohy, Mark Gerard Healy and Owen Fenton: Building drainage systems for the future: How drainage material selection plays an important role in optimal system functionality (GP7)
  • Daniel Gyamfi Opoku, Patrick Tuohy, Mark Gerald Healy, Owen Fenton, et al: Artificial drainage nutrient loss risk classification system for grassland farms to inform future mitigation management (GP8)

Decision Support Systems

Chair: Dr. Roland Kröbel, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada.
Keynote address
Dr. ir. Sander Janssen, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands: Decision Support in the Digital Agriculture Era.

  • Philip Shine, John Upton, Eleanor Murphy and Michael D. Murphy: Identifying inefficient electrical energy users throughout Ireland’s dairy farm population
  • Marion Sorley, Imelda Casey, David Styles, Pilar Merino, Henrique Trindade, Martin Mulholland, et al: Lowering the carbon footprint of milk production: a life cycle assessment of European dairy farms
  • Francisco J. Rodríguez-Rigueiro, José J. Santiago-Freijanes, ….. and María R. Mosquera-Losadaet: Key performance indicators to foster grass-based business innovation in European rural areas (GO-GRASS)
  • Jens Leifeld and Sonja Keel: Quantifying negative radiative forcing of non-permanent and permanent soil carbon sinks
  • Olatz Unamunzaga, Óscar Del Hierro, Ana Aizpurua, Ana Pilar Armesto, Marta Goñi, et al: LIFE AGROGESTOR, a digital platform ecosystem for on-farm best crop decision in fertilization, irrigation, GHG and economic assessment, with sustainability objectives
  • Elizabeth Cowdery, David Cameron, Pete Smith, Matt Aitkenhead, et al: Assessing greenhouse gas predictions with accessible tools for on-demand model-data synthesis: The Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer (PEcAn)
  • Roland Kroebel, Sahra J. Pogue, Aaron McPherson & Pamela Mantle: Canada’s whole-farm model Holos, the National GHG inventory applied to the farm-level
  • Deepak Upreti, Rowan Fealy and Tim McCarthy: Terrain-AI: Platform for the estimation of the crop growth, water and CO2 fluxes from Irish Croplands
  • Daniel Forster, Jia Deng, Matthew Harrison and Narasinha Shurpali: Evaluating GHG simulation performance of DNDC in a boreal grassland setting.
  • Andrea Parisi and James Moran: Potential of acoustic indices to assess the biodiversity level and effectiveness of conservation strategies in corncrake breeding areas.
  • Kate Kuntu-Blankson, Lena Barczyk, Christof: Simulating nitrous oxide emissions from cattle urine patches using the ecosystem model ecosys
  • Sofia Tisocco, Paul Crosson and Xinmin Zhan: Mathematical modelling of a full-scale biogas plant co-digesting cattle slurry and grass silage

Poster Session

  • Maria Jose Martínez-Sanchez, Salvadora Martínez-López, Lucia. B. Martínez-Martínez, et al: Facilitating the decision-making to minimize the climatic change impact on a semi-arid zone: results of the AMDRY-C4 LIFE PROJECT.  (DP12)
  • Úna Sinnott, James Breen and Dominka Krol: Irish Farmers’ position on GHG Emissions: An insight into representation, perceived trust and worry (DP13)
  • Anna Siedliska, Piotr Baranowski, Jaromir Krzyszczak and Grażyna Supryn: Estimation of plant nutrient status based on hyperspectral data and machine learning (DP14)
  • Mohammad I. Khalil and Bruce  A. Osborne: Whole farm modelling for quantification of greenhouse gases and mitigation-related land use planning decisions (DP15)

Carbon Farmin and Nature-based Solutions

Chair: Prof. Paola Quatrini, University of Palermo, Italy

Keynote address

Dr. Jean Baptiste Dollé French livestock institute, France: Carbon farming and result based solutions, an innovative scheme for boosting carbon initiatives and developing sustainable agriculture

  • Pasquale Arca: Role of soil carbon sequestration in sheep farming systems. A life cycle assessment case study
  • Simona Castaldi, Marco Bijl, Raphael Bueno, Elio Coppola, Paola Quatrini et al:Evaluation of benefits and limitation of a Desertification Adaptation Model framework of sustainable land management for areas under desertification risk
  • Yuqiao Wang, Sonja Paul, Markus Jocher, Christine Alewell and Jens Leifeld:Effect of mineral soil cover on 14CO2 and N2O emissions from agricultural drained peatland
  • Isabella Ghiglieno, Ilaria Minardi, Luca Tezza, Andrea Pitacco, Leonardo Coppo, et al:LIFE15 ENV/IT/000392 LIFE VITISOM: sustainable management of vineyard soil to reduce GHG emissions
  • Poppy Overy, Dolores Byrne, James Moran, Frances Lucy and Patrick Crushell: Co-benefits for biodiversity and hydrological integrity from a results-based agri-environment scheme, the Pearl Mussel Project
  • James Moran: Challenges and opportunities for upscaling and out-scaling locally adapted results based agri-environmental payments systems in Ireland.
  • Óscar Veroz-González, Rafaela Ordóñez-Fernández, Jesús Gil-Ribes, Gottlieb Basch, et al:LIFE Agromitiga: Development of climate change mitigation strategies through carbon-smart agriculture
  • Caren Jarmain, Thomas Cummins, Antonio Jonay Jovani-Sancho, Tim Nairn, Alina Premrov, et al:Soil organic carbon stocks for afforested soils in Ireland
  • Helena Vanrespailleand Annemie Elsen:From fundamental science to application: how to motivate farmers into carbon farming
  • Sofia Biffi, Pippa J Chapman, Richard Grayson and Guy Ziv: Planting hedgerows in England as a Nature-based Farming Solution for climate, biodiversity, and hydrology

Poster Session

  • Maria Teresa Pacchioli,Elena Bortolazzo, Roberto Davolio, Luca Filippi, Daniele Galli et al: Carbon farming application in a group of mountain dairy farms on the Emilian Apennines. First results of LIFE18/CCM/IT/001093 agriCOlture (CP19)
  • George Zagklis, Stamatis Kavasilis, Maria K. Doula, Chronis Kolovos, Antonis V. Papadopoulos et al: The carbon footprint of three olive orchards under different agricultural practices in the Mediterranean Region (CP20)
  • Pietro Iavazzo, Filiberto Altobelli, Andrea Martelli, Mariagrazia Piazza, Lorena Verdelli, et al:Voluntary Guidelines for sustainable soil management: an Italian experience (CP21)Gemma Chiaffarelli and Ilda Vagge: Validating NBFS contributions to agrobiodiversity values through a multi-scale floristic, vegetational and landscape monitoring approach (CP22)


Panel Discussion (Sponsored by OECD-CRP)

Prof. Bruce Osborne (UCD, Ireland) (Moderator)


Workshop (Sponsored by ReLive Project)

ReLive Project  and ISCRAES Teams (Facilators)

Closing speech

Dr. Ibrahim Khalil, Founder Coordinator/Convenor, ISCRAES