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 Talk (Arable Cropping Systems): 





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Talk (Grassland Systems): 

Prof.  M. Mosquera-Losada

Univ. Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Dr María Rosa Mosquera-Losada is a distinguished professor of the Crop Production and Project Engineering Department of the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Director of the GI-1648 laboratory. She is an Agro-Silvopastoral Systems expert and an author of over 400 peer reviewed papers, 80 of which are indexed in the JCR (90% of papers in the first decile) and focused on agroforestry.

Prof.  Mosquera-Losadashe is leading the “enabling working group” of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA) and the Croplands Research Group of the Global Research Alliance (GRA). Currently she is President of EURAF   (European Agroforestry Federation). For more information: Click here

Talk (Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Systems): Agroforestry – European extent, policy and climate change

Dr. ir. Sander Janssen

Wageningen Univ. & Res., Netherlands.

Dr. Sander Janssen is the leader of the Earth Informatics team at Wageningen Environmental Research. He holds a PhD on agricultural systems, scientific integration and data enigineering from Wageningen University & Research.

Sander dedicates his scientific career to the cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration that is required to achieve societal impacts in multidisciplinary projects focused on food security, climate change, agriculture and environment. He has worked in leadership and managerial roles over the past eight years in the areas of digitization of agriculture, big data, open data and application of ICTs across domains.

He has a drive for increasing the impact of research and studying evidence-based decision making relating to sustainable development.

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Talk (Decision Support Tools): Decision Support in the Digital Agriculture Era.


Dr. Franco Miglietta

National Res. Council, IBE-CNR, Italy

Dr. Franco Miglietta is an Bioeconomist at National Research Council of Italy, IBE-CNR, Italy. His long-term career focused mainly on biogeosciences and, in particular, on the role of agriculture and forestry on the global carbon balance, as well as satellite remote sensing applications. He         developed  innovative approaches in impact studies of the effects of rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations and developed the widespread FACE technologies. He participated in  a large number of international collaborative projects. He’s a 2018 Highly-Cited scientist in the Cross-Field domain.  He authored a large number of papers in JCR scientific journals, edited books and  is a highly cited scientist. 

Dr. Miglietta has been the coordinator of 6 major EU-Projects (including one for the ESA-Earth Explorer Programme) from 1987 to present and he participated in 21 EU‐funded projects. For more information: Click here

Talk (Novel Farming Systems): Pale green crops at the crossroads of climate change mitigation and food security





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Talk (Carbon Farming and Nature-based Solutions)